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Here at Power Babies LLC we develop toys and devices that enhance children's action abilities, enabling them to perform tasks that are normally beyond their capacity. We seek to foster better interactions between children, parents, and the world around them. Our overall goal is to improve children's mental and physical development while encouraging everyone to have more fun. More about us.

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2/21/2010: Click here to see us in the March issue of PARENTING MAGAZINE!

11/17/2009: The new What Babies Can Do DVDs have arrived! They are now available at AMAZON.COM and the Barnes & Noble store in Williamsburg.

8/1/2009: We have just posted a great video of a 4-month-old driving the BabyKart Motorized Chair. Click here for more info.

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If you have any questions, comments, ideas, pictures, or even just a cute story or two, please don't hesitate to send us a note at support@powerbabies.com.Click here for additional contact information.

What Babies Can Do DVD

Available now at AMAZON.COM.

Can your infant see colors? Recognize objects? Remember things? Researchers have developed many techniques for monitoring infants' physical and mental development. Many of these methods can be easily adapted to a home setting. This DVD shows you how to explore what your infant does and doesn't know about the surrounding world at different ages. Click here for product details.

BabyKart Motorized Chair

Can a 4-month-old drive? (Yes!)

The BabyKart is a wheeled, motorized device that responds to babies' arm, leg, and head movements. With as little as a few minutes of practice, very young, pre-crawling infants learn to drive around the room. Click here for details.